Redwire Technology Crucial for Advancing NASA's Ocean and Atmosphere Observation Mission

Redwire Technology Crucial for Advancing NASA's Ocean and Atmosphere Observation Mission

Redwire Space, one of the leading aerospace technology companies, has contributed essential hardware for NASA's PACE satellite mission. The PACE satellite lifted off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on February 6. The launch of this mission will expand humanity’s understanding of ocean health, air quality, and climate and the interactions between the ocean, clouds, and the atmosphere.

The PACE spacecraft must maintain precise alignment with Earth’s surface to collect data, and the 13 CSS (Coarse Sun Sensor) detectors Redwire delivered to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland in September 2020, together with the spacecraft’s star tracker, will help keep the satellite on course. Additionally, the CSS hardware gives the PACE satellite failsafe recovery capabilities.

“The Coarse Sun Sensors will be used to provide sun position information as a key part of the PACE attitude control system,” said Redwire Principal Engineer, Mike Kagan.

The PACE mission will measure ocean color and the properties of clouds and tiny atmospheric particles called aerosols. Ocean color data helps reveal the distribution of phytoplankton in Earth’s ocean, and with the ability to detect a wider range of colors, the PACE satellite can yield insights into changes in fisheries and the emergence of harmful algal blooms, both of which affect commercial and recreational activities. In addition, detailed cloud and aerosol data from PACE can be useful for weather forecasts, climate projections, and understanding of ocean-atmosphere interactions.

The PACE mission is the latest of a string of high-profile space missions that Redwire’s sun sensors have helped make possible. These include NASA’s Psyche mission to investigate a metallic asteroid between Mars and Jupiter, the Parker Solar Probe, which flew closer to the Sun than any previous spacecraft, and the New Horizons mission, which gave humanity unprecedented views of Pluto, just to name a few.

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