Redwire's SpaceCREST Cybersecurity Platform to Protect DARPA's Space Communications Hardware

Redwire's SpaceCREST Cybersecurity Platform to Protect DARPA's Space Communications Hardware

Redwire Corporation, a leader in space infrastructure for the next-generation space economy, has announced that its suite of space cybersecurity tools developed with, an AI-powered analytics and cyber engineering solutions company, will be used by Mynaric in the development of an advanced satellite communication program sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Mynaric, a company specializing in advanced laser communications terminals for space, airborne and mobile applications, will use Redwire and’s Space Cyber Resiliency through Evaluation and Security Testing (SpaceCREST) platform to support the cybersecurity evaluation of their optical communications terminal.

“Redwire is proud to support Mynaric in identifying and mitigating potential vulnerabilities within crucial national security programs,” said Dean Bellamy, Redwire’s Executive Vice President of National Security Space. “This application of SpaceCREST demonstrates the value that Redwire and’s collaboration holds for the growing space economy. SpaceCREST will be a critical tool for proactive maintenance and protection of government and commercial customers building the next generation of resilient space architectures.”

Mynaric will use the SpaceCREST platform to ensure the security of its optical communications terminal design for Phase 1 of DARPA’s Space Based Adaptive Communications Node (Space-BACN) program. The program seeks to develop reconfigurable, multi-protocol communications terminals that are small, lightweight, low-power, inexpensive, and able to connect many different satellite constellations in low-Earth orbit. SpaceCREST will be used to identify vulnerabilities that could affect the terminal or disrupt its operation and then find ways to protect against those vulnerabilities.

“As the world has increased its reliance on space assets in both government and commercial operations – ranging from mission-critical national security operations to GPS navigation – the ability to accurately detect and address system vulnerabilities is essential to the everyday lives of billions of people,” said Eric Conway,’s Senior Vice President of Technology, Federal Solutions. “ is excited to partner with Redwire to deliver SpaceCREST to Mynaric in support of DARPA’s efforts to ensure the next generation of satellite communications are resilient to cyberattacks.”

SpaceCREST utilizes Redwire’s extensive digital engineering capabilities to make cybersecurity analysis of space assets more streamlined and reliable. With Redwire’s Advanced Configurable Open-system Research Network (ACORN) tools and technologies, SpaceCREST enables users to simulate and emulate various hardware and software systems as they are being designed and built. Using SpaceCREST, Mynaric will be able to ensure that its communications terminals are both secure and resilient.

Future uses of Redwire’s digital engineering capabilities will add to the Company’s record of innovation and build on its heritage as a leader in the next-generation space infrastructure.

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