Hypernova to Test Electric Propulsion System on EnduroSat’s Platform

Hypernova to Test Electric Propulsion System on EnduroSat’s Platform

Hypernova will validate its proprietary plasma electric propulsion system, in orbit, on EnduroSat’s Platform-2. The launch is scheduled for January 2023 on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Transporter-6 mission. With support from EnduroSat’s Space Service, the thrusters are expected to perform an extensive testing campaign with several satellite maneuvers under a wide variety of operational modes & conditions in the coming months.

Hypernova’s technology aims to challenge the status quo of traditional electric propulsion systems with simpler, safer & flexible operations for the satellite manufacturer & operator and unlock new capabilities in remote sensing and other key space applications.

Hypernova’s aim is to broaden the world’s access to the value that can be derived from satellites, for which it believes VLEO orbits are a critical feature of affordable services and supporting assets. Long-term drag compensation via propulsion is one of the critical elements required to make this possible.

Although vacuum arc propulsion is not new, Hypernova has developed and implemented extensive IP to mature the technology for practical use. Platform-2 will demonstrate the most powerful & capable vacuum arc-based thruster system ever flown in orbit to date. Hypernova’s 0.5U-sized test unit will also operate two different types of solid fuels on the mission.

The upcoming Shared Sat mission by EnduroSat is fully booked and hosts multiple payloads simultaneously, resulting in unique sustainable, and streamlined space operations.

"In-orbit validation with a fast-growing and popular space player like EnduroSat is vital to prove that our technology works as intended and that we’ve solved many of the inherent challenges associated with electric propulsion. Our team worked super hard to push the state-of-the-art and I’m proud of the results so far. We can’t wait for this mission" said Dr. Jonathan Lun, Founder and CTO of Hypernova.

"Space missions require ever more advanced capabilities. Propulsion is vital for all future commercial missions, and it will foster sustainable and much safer operations in orbit. Hypernova has done an amazing job with its technology, and we cannot wait to see it performing in flight. We are proud to support innovators and their visionary programs" added Raycho Raychev, founder and CEO of Endurosat

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