Lynk Deploys Two More Satellites in its Cell Towers-in-Space Constellation for Extended Coverage

Lynk Deploys Two More Satellites in its Cell Towers-in-Space Constellation for Extended Coverage

Lynk Global (Lynk), a satellite-direct-to-standard-phone telecoms company, has announced the successful launch and deployment of two more satellites in the company’s commercial cell-towers-in-space constellation. These satellites are covered by the world’s first and only commercial satellite-direct-to-standard-phone license that Lynk received from the FCC in September 2022.

Another unique capability that Lynk demonstrated during this launch is a new deployer system that supports the launch of multiple satellites at one time on the same ESPA-ring port, which enables the affordable launch of many more satellites.

Charles Miller, CEO of Lynk, said, “This launch extends Lynk’s leadership in the satellite-direct-to-standard-phone category. While others have just figured out that satellite-direct-to-phone is a big deal, we invented and patented the technology in 2017, started testing the technology in space in 2019, and now have three commercial satellite-cell-towers-in-space. We are years ahead of everybody else.”

Lynk has signed commercial agreements with 25 MNOs covering 41 countries. Lynk partners with MNOs to improve the lives of communities around the globe by bridging the digital divide, enabling access to emergency aid and services, and providing affordable access for billions. Lynk is actively testing satellite-to-standard-phone connections in 17 countries on all seven continents.

Today, only 10% of the world’s surface is covered by terrestrial mobile connectivity. This means that 90% of the planet is in “coverage black spots,” otherwise known as “0G”. Over three billion people per year with a mobile phone experience extended periods of disconnection. Another billion people per year will buy their first phone when there is affordable mobile coverage where they live and work. 0G is a problem for four billion people.

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