SpacePath Communications to Showcase its New Ka-band Amplifier at IBC 2022

SpacePath Communications to Showcase its New Ka-band Amplifier at IBC 2022

SpacePath Communications, a dedicated European-based SATCOM amplifier manufacturer and equipment supplier, is to exhibit its new Ka-band, outdoor amplifier offering best-in-class size, weight, and power (SWaP) at IBC 2022.

On display at IBC for the first time, SpacePath’s new Ka-band amplifier for the LEO/MEO segment features market-leading design attributes with its compact form factor, low weight, and high-power output. The 385W ultra-linear amplifier offers many advantages over existing product solutions.

The STA45385P is a single box design that incorporates a wide-mouthed, integrated AC supply with market-leading power efficiency and provides up to 4GHz of bandwidth (27-31GHz) with an NPR of -19dBc @ PLIN (135W). It also features SpacePath’s innovative heat sink design that uses a carbon-fin air cooling structure, which is around half the weight of copper-based cooling systems but with similar thermal properties. Additionally, the amplifier provides Ethernet/web-based remote control and removable air intake filters for cost-effective maintenance and added convenience. Optional multi-band BUCs are also offered.

Providing a critical link in any satellite communications network, the compact and lightweight SWaP design also make this outdoor amplifier ideal for mounting directly onto the antenna hub.

Colin Bolton, director of business development, said: “Our continuing innovation in customer-led amplifier design is one of the reasons we’ve become a provider of choice in the global SATCOM market. Our latest SWaP-based amplifiers, featuring best-in-class size, weight, and power attributes, continue to set new standards in both performance and system functionality.”

SpacePath’s high-performance uplink amplifiers cover all mission-critical segments including satellite newsgathering (DSNG), flyaway or truck-based systems, fixed-earth stations, and military satellite communications.

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