NPC Spacemind: Empowering Research to Commercial Services in the Space Sector

NPC Spacemind: Empowering Research to Commercial Services in the Space Sector

Drawing upon over a decade of expertise in constructing intricate automated machinery and pioneering advancements in the space sector, NPC Spacemind endeavors to provide an all-inclusive range of services tailored for nanosatellite manufacturers and operators.

Moreover, Spacemind leverages its specialized knowledge in various cutting-edge domains within the industry. This includes offering products and services to support professional observatories engaged in astronomy, space situational awareness/space surveillance and tracking (SSA/SST), as well as laser ranging.

Spacemind’s core products and services

Spacemind specializes in the production of meticulously engineered space components and subsystems. These high-precision offerings are specifically crafted to enhance the efficiency and reliability of technology utilized by nanosatellite manufacturers and operators. The core portfolio includes:

Assembly JIGs: The NPC Spacemind provides many space-grade, flight-proven products, assembly jigs being of of them. They have test pods designed to perform mechanical structural qualification of 3U, 6U, and 12U Cubesats. TP-03, TP-06 and TP12 are the Aseembly JIGs by NPC.

Solar Panels: NPC Spacemind has SM-SP series of space grade solar panels for missions. These solar panels coms with maximum power generation, maximum efficiency and outer space reliability. 

The ARTICA de-orbiting system: the Aerodynamic Reentry Technology In Cubesat Application (ARTICA) system is a standalone de-orbiting drag sail designed to help mitigate the growing problem of space debris.

Alongside this growing portfolio of high-reliability equipment, Spacemind also offers a range of services to space industry companies and stakeholders such as:

  • Manufacturing and production services,
  • Structural and electromechanical engineering and design services, and
  • Nanosatellite mission design consultancy

Niccolò Bellini, Space Business Developer and Space Systems Engineer at Spacemind says, “Our company structure is very skilled in the assembly and procurement of complex electromechanical machines at high volumes and with high regimes of throughput, and we have a really wide supply network that allows us to satisfy large and demanding procurement requirements across multiple batches. Satellite constellations are a sector in which we can be really competitive, combining the cutting-edge aerospace skills of Spacemind with the strong industrial and manufacturing approach of our parent company NPC.”

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