H-II Transfer Vehicle KOUNOTORI 7 (HTV7) JAXA Satellite

The International Space Station (ISS) represents a global partnership of fifteen nations. The ISS is a versatile research institute and a large observation platform in the unique environment of outer space. In this international project, Japan participates with its first manned space facility, Japanese Experiment Module KIBO. KIBO means hope in Japanese.

Mission Information

Mission Details

NameH-II Transfer Vehicle KOUNOTORI 7 (HTV7)
ApplicationKey Space Transfer Vehicle
Launch DateSeptember 23, 2018
Launch SiteTanegashima Space Center, Japan
Launch VehicleH-IIB F7

Satellite Details

Mass16500 Kg

Orbit Information

Orbital Altitude350 to 460 Km
Orbital Inclination51.6 Degrees
Orbital Period5 Days

Space Organization Details