Aphelion Orbitals Introduces New Solar Panel for Cubesats

Aphelion Orbitals Introduces New Solar Panel for Cubesats

Aphelion Orbitals, an innovative nanosatellite manufacturer and launch services provider, expanding access to space for small satellites using game-changing, ultra-low-cost reliable launch services and spacecraft has introduced a new solar panel for CubeSats.

The 1U Solar Panel from Aphelion is a Cubesat solar panel that utilizes flight-proven, high-efficiency 30.5% triple junction solar cells and a reliable bonding technique. The radiation-hardened cells come with cover glass and an anti-reflective coating. The solar panels are available in 1U, 2U, 3U, 6U, and custom configurations providing up to 150W power, with panels up to 3U containing one series string and the 6U panel containing two series strings of cells providing up to 22V output. A temperature sensor and integrated light sensor allow panel monitoring and diagnostics.

The solar panels utilize Hirose 1.25mm connectors for both power and digital interfaces, with a 4-pin connector for power output and an 8-pin connector for the temperature and light sensor. This configuration is used up to a 3U panel. A 6U configuration with two strings provides two sets of 4-pin connectors for power output.

The radiation tolerant cells have a minimum of 2 years lifespan in low-earth orbit (LEO). The solar cells have been qualified according to ESA and Ru479.0061JT standards. The solar panel features an IPC 610 Class 3 assembly and gold-plated and shielded FR4 PCB.

The panels have passed the thermal cycle, thermal vacuum, outgassing, and random vibration tests. Each unit is tested prior to shipment and packed in a clean container under ISO Class 5 environments. 

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