1U CubeSat Solar Panel for LEO Orbit

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Satellite Solar Panel by Aphelion Orbitals

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The 1U Solar Panel from Aphelion Orbitals is a Satellite Solar Panel with a 2-year minimum design lifespan in LEO applications. It has an efficiency of more than 30.5 %, a power delivery of 150 W, and a mass of 48 - 380 g. This radiation-tolerant solar panel has a built-in LM76 temperature sensor and rough sun sensor and has thermal design considerations to prevent warping and improve reliability. It produces a current of 495 mA and has a mass of 4.5 g per cell. It has a 4-pin power connector and an 8-pin data connector.

This gold-plated solar panel with shielded FR4 PCB has a wiring harness and has been individually tested with an outgassing/random vibration qualification. The cells are qualified according to ESA and Ru479.0061JT standards. This IPC 610 Class 3 Assembly solar panel measures 40.15 x 80.15 mm and is flight-proven for LEO orbit.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    1U Solar Panel
  • Manufacturer
    Aphelion Orbitals
  • Description
    1U CubeSat Solar Panel for LEO Orbit

General Parameters

  • Satellite Type
  • Orbit
  • Cell Efficiency
  • Power Delivered
    150 W
  • Output Voltage
    22 V
  • Mass
    48 to 380 gms
  • Space Heritage
  • Dimension
    40.15 x 80.15 mm
  • Note
    Power Connector : 4-pin Hirose 1.25 mm, Data Connector : 8-pin Hirose 1.25 mm

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