Launch Vehicle Platform by PLD Space (1 more product)

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MIURA 1 Image

The MIURA 1 from PLD Space is a Launch Vehicle Platform with Launch Vehicle Diameter 0.7 m, Launch Vehicle Height 12.5 m, Payload Capacity 100 Kg, First Stage Engine Thrust 30000 N, Altitude of Apogee 150 Km. More details for MIURA 1 can be seen below.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    MIURA 1
  • Manufacturer
    PLD Space
  • Description
    MIURA 1 is a suborbital launch vehicle, privately developed in Europe. The first space system is fully designed by PLD Space to take your payloads into space and bring them back safely

General Parameters

  • Launch Vehicle Diameter
    0.7 m
  • Launch Vehicle Height
    12.5 m
  • Payload Capacity
    100 Kg
  • Number of Stage
    Single Stage
  • First Stage Engine
    TEPREL-B Liquid Bi-propellant Engine
  • First Stage Engine Thrust
    30000 N
  • Propellant
    Kerosene, LOX
  • Altitude of Apogee
    150 Km

Technical Documents