Spacecraft Transport and Storage Container


Satellite Transport Box by Beyond Gravity

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SCO-M Image

The SCO-M from Beyond Gravity is a Satellite Transport Container that can accommodate payloads of mass 1470 Kg. This container has an empty mass of 5400 Kg and a total loaded mass of 11000 Kg. It can be transported via a truck, train, ship, or aeroplane. The container comes with temperature, humidity, acceleration, and pressure monitoring devices and is used to protect the satellites during road and air transportation and long-term storage.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Beyond Gravity
  • Description
    Spacecraft Transport and Storage Container

General Parameters

  • Mass
    5400 to 11000 Kg
  • Payload Mass
    1470 Kg
  • Hook Height
    7000 mm
  • Transport
    Via truck (standard trailer with twist locks), train, ship or airplane (max. 8 SCO-M in AN-124)
  • Operating Temperature
    19 to 25 Degree C(Operational, inside)
  • Transport Temperature
    -40 to 45 Degree C(Transport, Outside)
  • Payload Dimension
    5119 × 1074 × 989 mm
  • Dimension
    6785 x 2765 x 2595 mm

Technical Documents